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You can have a full wireless or wired alarm with cameras, all linked to your mobile, and all for less than £25 per month

Other companies lock you in with three year contracts.  Their hidden costs to you add up to over £1,000, for a service that falls far short of what we offer.  Don't get ripped off.  Who else offers you all this:



Cameras linked to your sensors sending pictures direct to your mobile, to give you absolute peace of mind.



No contract, no lock-in, no monthly fees.



Faster and better police response than any call centre can offer - guaranteed


No call-out fees, no annual bills, three year guarantee, full service plan and 24/7/365 support at no extra charge



We design and build the system that works for you: wired, wireless or both, with every sensor you need, CCTV and door control if you want, right up to home automation controlled by your phone.

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