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Why choose Rycote?

Rycote offer both wired and wireless systems, and even hybrids with the best from both.  Each home is different, and we'll help you make the best choice.  We can also design in features to make it work for you.



Connect a smoke alarm and your home is protected even when it's empty.  Just make sure its a good sensor (such as ours) that knows the difference between burnt toast and smouldering fires.  Your Rycote cameras will give you all the verification you need, so you won't suffer false alarms.  


With an output expander your alarm becomes a home automation centre, allowing you to turn on lights and other items from your mobile.  A security system should be there to help you - make it do some work.



A CCTV camera built into your security system delivers pictures to your mobile for peace of mind, and is of massive benefit as a visual deterent because intruders don't want to be filmed.


With an indoor camera linked to your system you can track what's happening inside your home whilst you're away.  With a built-in mic and speaker, you can even hold conversations with whoever is there.  


Shed burglaries are now more common than house burglaries, with lawn movers and electrical items topping the steal-lists.  Including sheds and garages in your protection is easy and affordable with a Rycote wireless system - even when they're a distance away from your home.

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