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Home automation


The home automation we sell is about making your home safer.  We don't really focus on your heating controls or feeding your pets (unless you ask for it).  But we will help you set up these handy tools that run directly from our app on your phone:



Set your alarm or turn it off, either up close or when you're away.  Our app can even remind you if you've left home without setting it.



Turn your lights on, inside the house or outside (or both).  It's great when you come home late, or when you hear a noise in the night and you need to investigate



Set off your alarm - it can work for you just like a panic alarm, without you having to look for the button - it's right there on your phone

Pretty much anything that you control with a switch can be controlled through your phone using our app.  So yes, if you want, it'll adjust your heating or feed your cat, and we can help with that if you want, but it is also there to make you safe, and that's what we do best.

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